Credit Cards For People With Fair Credit

Credit Cards For People With Fair Credit

Low credit scores are a nightmare for many bank customers. Unpaid debt, loan applications made to more than one bank at the same time cause low credit scores in general. Is it impossible to accept credit card applications for individuals with low credit scores? Of course not. Lately credit card for fair credit have been done and many credit cards have been removed for many people. If you have a low credit score but need an additional credit card, you can apply to the credit cards we will introduce to you in this article. Let’s get started.

Best Credit Cards For Fair Credit

Lowe’s Advantage Card: This card also provides a bonus of 5 percent and the annual fee rate is determined as 0 percent. The card increases the bonus rate especially in luxury expenses. Bonus campaigns that the card makes certain intervals increase the bonus rates even more. The APR rate of the card was determined as 26.99 percent. This APR rate may vary depending on the credit card’s limit or spending rates.

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card: This credit card, which is not very advantageous in terms of winning bonuses, is extremely advantageous because it has a very low rate of APR. The APR rate of this credit card is determined as 17.99 percent. Credit card does not charge the annual fee. You can have an application for this credit card from the banks or from the internet banks. You will be called for 7 work days.

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